Tatparcart welcome offer to join online marketplace for Free

Dear Sellers, 

We are very excited to announce our upgrade to a more secure and user friendly platform. Now, we are launching our pilot program to connect local sellers on the online marketplace. Upgrade youself and connect to the buyers on the online marketplace !!!

Why join us ???

  1. You can Reach customers 24x7, even when customers can not reach you.
  2. With upcoming Diwali holidays, more and more sales are now expected online since customers are not able to visit stores.
  3. 0 signup fee(Rs 500), 0 monthly fee(Starting Rs 500) and 0 commission for a limited time*
  4. We will help you with setting up your online inventory for free(a Rs 500 per day value)
  5. Discounted rates in future for sellers joining our pilot program
  6. No commitment. You can cancel anytime without any fee or penalty.

Dont be left behind and take advantage of this limited time offer !!!


Sign up Page for sellers: https://www.tatparcart.com/csmarketplace/

If you need any help, please contact us on: TatparCart Marketplace Facebook Page


* Terms and conditions apply.

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